My Lost and Found Recipe

I told you about my second favorite recipe in my recipe box.  My favorite recipe used to be in the same box.  It also came from my bridal shower, but it is not at all the same kind of recipe that the other one was.

My Recipe Box

Technically, it is really not my favorite recipe or even a recipe at all.  It is just the recipe that I remember often when I look at the box or when I am deciding what to make for dinner or when I forgot to turn the slow cooker on or when all the little things in life seem to be caving down on me.

Maybe you noticed that I said it “used to be in the same box”.  I kept that recipe for the same reason I kept the first – the memories of love and the laughter that came with it. That’s not the only reason I kept it.

Sometimes things get lost.  Sometimes you will lose your keys and find them in the freezer.  Sometimes you will lose your child at the store and will be frantic trying to find him.  Sometimes you will feel like you are losing your mind and sometimes you won’t just feel like you are, you will actually lose it.

That recipe card was one of the things I have lost.  I kept it in my box for a very long time and then, one day, I might have set it on the counter and it accidentally got swept into the garbage.  Or maybe it got lost in one of the many times the kids were going through it.  I don’t have any idea where it went.

Here is the recipe as best I can remember.


1 phone
1 phone book
1 pizza delivery restaurant
1 checkbook

Use 1 phone book to locate number of favorite pizza delivery restaurant. Call the restaurant and have them deliver pizza. Pay them with your checkbook.

Pizza in Box by Moi Cody
Photo by Moi Cody

The other reason why I kept it and count it as a favorite is because it reminds me to simplify things.

No, we shouldn’t order pizza every night, but we shouldn’t be killing ourselves to make a four-course, nutritious, liked by young and old, award-winning, gourmet meal every night either. When we are feeling frazzled and worn out or better yet, before we are feeling we have lost our mind, we should simplify our lives.

It’s okay to lose the title of Gourmet Gwen and find the pizza delivery phone number occasionally. It’s okay to lose the use of the second sink in the master bathroom and find extra time because it doesn’t need to be washed as often. It’s okay to lose “fresh” bread by finding space in the freezer to throw in a second loaf and not have to run to the store midweek.   It’s okay to lose anxiety over having a “spotless” home by finding it just as good to spot-clean a mirror instead of the whole thing, every, single time.

Just find a way to be okay with being simply human before you lose what really matters.

Say Thanks - Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash
Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

How do you simplify your life?

2 Replies to “My Lost and Found Recipe”

  1. Thank you for sharing these little sprinkles. As I read both of the recipe posts today, they helped me be remember the many ways I am loved and also to think about my priorities in my daily tasks. Thanks so much.
    Love Karen

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